How to Style With Floral Wallpapers (4 Top Tips & Tricks)

How to Style With Floral Wallpapers (4 Top Tips & Tricks)

Do you need the perfect blend of textures, materials, patterns and colours to bring your wall surfaces to life? One of the best ways to do so is to use wallpaper. Using wallpaper adds charm, character and cohesion to any space.

As the weather grows colder and the blooms fade away, we wanted to take a look at how we can immortalise spring and summer year around. Consequently, we wanted to use this article to discuss how to style with floral wallpapers, in particular, and the best practices for how to choose them. 

Selecting the right floral wallpaper for your home can be a daunting task. Get it right however, and the result is the most trendsetting of interiors. Below, we highlight our 4 tips & tricks when it comes to styling with floral wallpapers. Let us know if any of these interest and intrigue you. 

1) Consider Bolder Patterns & Colours

Mirage, Antiquity

Our top tip for styling floral wallpaper is to go for bolder and more colourful designs. This is applicable both for feature walls or on an all over basis to add character to or design cohesion within any interior. 

One easy way to do this is utilizing bold & striking floral wallpaper to create a feature wall, and then supplementing it with solid colours. Our made to order Antiquity, for instance, wall mural is a great option for this. In this case, you had a variety of complementary solid colours to choose from – glorious shades of golds, pinks, blues, purples, greens and beyond are all present in this floral wallpaper – depending on your overall design vision. 

Created by layering hand painted flowers, this exclusive Ted Baker London floral wallpaper mural features an elegant colour palette and close repetition. Antiquity is digitally printed onto a pearlescent non-woven ground, showcasing exquisite yet modern fibrous textures. 

Daimon, Flower

Another thing you should consider when selecting your floral wallpaper is your colour palette. Your selection depends completely on your desired ambience – is your focus on exuding elegance and luxury? Or are you looking for a more peaceful and serene sort of haven? Your colour palette will have a massive effect on this – no matter which way you go about it. 

In the case of Flower, pictured above, you have a palette and tones subtle enough to be utilized on an all over basis. This Daimon floral wallpaper is perfect for a statement-making living room or dining room. 

Flower is adorned with a thicket of florals, within which nestles the graceful avifauna that bring this design together. This floral wallpaper features unmistakably nature inspired colour combinations. It’s a bold design that has a lot of lovely elements, but creates and continues that character without overpowering the design due to its colourway. 

Alternatively, the darker and elegant Euphoria creates a sense of luxury perfect for a bedroom interior design. 

Botanics, Euphoria

Euphoria, new-in to our Ted Baker range, represents hope, courage and admiration, the iris has been a popular source of inspiration since the Victorian era, and the basis of the iconic fleur-de-lis imagery. This floral wallpaper reimagines the iris in a contemporary palette, ascending ever upwards, drawing on the effortless beauty of nature. Our wallpaper is printed with care and attention to detail, the variety of colours come to life over a matte surface.

2) Go for Textures & Unique Finishes

Chateau, Sakura

Floral wallpapers are unique in their ability to add depth and luxury. One way to style florals, for these purposes, is to look for wallpaper designs that have an added bit of tactility or texture. Our Sakura wallcovering is the perfect example of this. 

Sakura floral wallpapers, inspired by the positively breathtaking and famously calming Cherry Blossom trees, are the epitome of elegance. It is the perfect design element for most settings, contract and high-end residential settings, both as a feature wall or on an all over basis. 

Likewise, another interesting way to add a unique touch of luxury to any space is to consider floral wallpapers that have interesting finishes. An iridescent finish, for instance, may be the perfect choice for such a touch of dramatic flair. 

Wallmotion, LTD01100

LTD01100, our digitally printed Secret Gardens floral wallpaper, is one such mural-friendly design. This design, which is part of our highly customizable and scalable range of wallpapers, excellently juxtaposes elegant and mysterious floral and botanical elements with a touch of extravagance – courtesy of the foil finishes that are intricately placed across its surfaces. 

3) Think Outside of the Box – Or Florals 

Botanics, Serenity

Marrying design styles is another way to think outside of the box when it comes to floral wallpapers. Below, we highlight Serenity, Vanilla & Lost Garden Trellis, both combining florals and botanicals with overarching abstract or geometric prints. This union achieves truly unique design elements that are perfect for any room. 

Serenity, pictured above, from Ted Baker’s Botanics collection offers home comforts with gentle textures, which are inspired by the floral depths of nature. What makes this floral wallpaper unique, however, is the abstracting of the flowers, which are trailed by an echo of ever-shrinking dots. This unique floral wallpaper draws inspiration from gardens of the orient.

Enchanted, Vanilla

Vanilla, from the Enchanted collection, is the perfect marriage of floral wallpapers and abstract elements. The organic repeat, an abstract blurred focus and a soft summer palette creates a truly ethereal design. Just sit back and enjoy its illusions.

Fantasia, Lost Garden Trellis 

Lost Garden Trellis seamlessly blends flowers and hexagonal prints together to create a truly distinctive floral wallpaper. Inspired by a print from Ted Baker archives, this Fantasia wallpaper gives geometrics a vibrant and punchy makeover. 

4) Don’t: Mix Floral Patterns (In The Same Room)

Paradise, Camila & Pico

Another important consideration, when it comes to styling with floral wallpaper, is to keep your floral patterns similar. Better yet, you may want one single floral print per room. Instead, if you are planning to use a certain floral wallpaper, but still want some other elements of interest on adjacent walls, you may opt for solid plains or other more subtle and complementary patterns. 

Luckily, many of our floral-forward collections, such as Paradise and Shangri-La, feature plain or understated abstract and geometric designs that can be used to complement its statement botanical designs. 

Take for instance, our Camila floral wallpaper. Camila depicts an orchard of floral elements adorned with graceful flying birds that truly transport you away to utopia. Soft accents of sunlit yellows, rosy pinks and leafy greens create lifelike colour stories for any interior. 

Likewise, Pico is a subtle abstract design that complements, rather than distracts, from our centrepiece floral wallpaper. A beautifully abstract interpretation of wood bark, Pico is an understated geometric patterned wallpaper that complements the more decorative and impactful designs of Paradise, such as Camila

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