7 Elegant & Bewitching Blue Wallpaper Designs

7 Elegant & Bewitching Blue Wallpaper Designs

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The latest design trend, one that we are sure to see everywhere in 2022, is elegant and bewitching blue wallpapers. You can bring your home and contract interiors to the next level with high quality wallpapers in a variety of colourways from our Affinity, Boheme, Cantari, Daimon, Enchanted, Fantasia, Tahiti collections. 

Below, we highlight our top 5 sophisticated blue wallpapers for any home or contract design scheme. 

Let us know if any of these interest and intrigue you. 

1) Fantasia, Kingdom (Ted Baker London)

Vintage-inspired and ornate, this iridescent blue wallpaper will whisk you off to the wilderness. Kingdom, with its refined and statement-ready metallic detailing, is printed onto tinted foil embossed with a luxurious horizontal silk texture.

2) Boheme, Art Deco

Art Deco transports us back in time with its elegant, yet fun, Art Deco inspired colour palette and mid century design elements. This blue wallpaper is characterized by vintage rounded shapes and an artistically inspired psychedelic motif.

3) Daimon, Forrest 

The piece de resistance of our Daimon collection, Forrest, is an abstract blue wallpaper depicting the enigma of forests. A mysterious palette together with depictions of forest wildlife allow it to become the perfect awe factor for any interior design. 

4) Tahiti, Tropical Allover & Tropical Leaves

Skopos’ Tropical Allover and Tropical Leaves tropical blue wallpapers are inspired by the islands of French Polynesia. The Tahiti collection is composed of delightful reimaginings of the tropical leaves, black sandy beaches, and exotic wildlife of its namesake South Pacific Island. 

7) Enchanted, Houdini (Ted Baker London)

Houdini is an elegant and sophisticated blue wallpaper design that draws inspiration from jungle flora and fauna. The intensity and boldness of the print is accentuated by deep shadows, conjuring up an intriguing and indulgent composition.

6) Affinity, 3D Swirl

Part of our range of 3D inspired geometric shapes, the sleek blue 3D Swirl redefines wallpaper with its unique abstract swirl and exquisitely textured surfaces. 

7) Cantari, Delphine

Delphine adds a tapestry-like element to any setting. This blue floral wallpaper reworks historic designs in modern trending colors, the cross colouration of which ensures timelessness and ease of use in any given interior design.

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